• Marina Houngbadji

We are Closing the Shop !

Sometimes it is great news other it is not...

It is with a heavy heart, I am letting you know we are closing our store in San Bruno.

Sometimes things can be out of our control and we just need to accept them and move on

to something better. I rushed myself and the business into a situation that wasn't ideal.

As a young entrepreneur, I've made a few mistakes ... Scratch that, I've had plenty of lessons along the way.

Lessons can be costly, painful, uncomfortable. In these situations the most important step is to accept the obstacle to move on to the next chapter of our life patiently waiting for the better us. Which entrepreneur did not have some hard time in their career/ business, none! It's simply impossible, and if there's any I'd love to hear from them.

It is necessary to move quickly move forward when we experience some hard life/business lessons. To embrace the next chapter of our life, that will also have some obstacles but you'll be at another level. As I am getting ready to leave San Bruno you can be sure I will not find myself in a similar situation, because I've learned. I'm leaving proud of what I have accomplished and learned in this situation.

Coming back to the future of Sweet Delices Bakery, all I can tell you today is, it is not the end. This dream started in the middle of the pandemic, it will not end today! No way!

I have lots of ideas and opportunities to explore for the future and each will be considered.

But until I can tell you something concrete, I'll still be accepting a few custom orders. Please message us keeping in mind my calendar is limited.

I would appreciate a 3 weeks notice minimum.

Thank you so much for your support during my time in San Bruno the community. Thank you to the merchants for their welcome and support during the time there.

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2022 from our family to yours!

with Gratitude,


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