Sweet Délices Bakery Owner / Head Baker


I'm Marina, 30 years old, I am a daughter, sister, cousin, godmother, aunty, friend and child of God.


I was born and raised in Monaco in the south of France, the beautiful French Riviera. I am the oldest of a blended family of 7 kids with only one brother but I guarantee you he loves his sisters !!

 We are all around the world between Paris, Lyon, and Montreal, Canada but we are always talking, thanks to technology. 

Home to me is Monaco but also Senegal where my parents and two youngest sisters are living today.

I officially moved to the Bay Area in 2014. I studied restaurant management and worked in the food and beverage industry ever since 2016. 

Catering and Events have been what I love to do for the last 3 years, from a simple meeting buffet for 10 people to a birthday party with 250 people I am able to make it happen. 

This business saw the light in the middle COVID-19 pandemic, June 2020. Without this pandemic, I wouldn't have lost my Event and Catering Manager job. From being jobless like many others I first felt sorry for myself but after 3 months it got old and I needed to do something of my life. I worked for about a month on a business idea and creating a business plan going back and forth on ideas, designed about 8 different logos, had my family vote on their favorite one, and then was the end of the planning and the start of the adventure. June 20th we were officially in business ready to bring some sweetness to your celebrations.

So what can you expect from me is simple, I will listen and bring to life your ideas. I will also be honest my goal isn't to take your money but to contribute to new memories and happiness for you and your family with delicious treats  

I am so looking forward to talking to you and creating a long-lasting relationship!