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Welcome to Sweet Délices Bakery

Delicious Sweet Treats

to help you make

long lasting memories 

You are too busy to plan all the sweet treats for your kids next birthday or to make some sweets to to celebrate an accomplishment in the San Francisco Bay Area ?

You're looking for someone to help you get these few precious hours back into your life ?


This is why Sweet Délices Bakery is here, you found us and do not need to worry about the party anymore ! 

Between a dessert buffet, sweet treats and party favors we have several options for you

We strongly believe that now more than ever we must support and celebrate each others as safely as possible

Kindness & Care, is what the world needs a lot of right now. Let's care for our friends, family, neighbors that are going through a tough time. Show them some kindness by sending some some sweet treats box to their house. Sweets can soothe a heart.

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